Personal Voice Trainer

Available in English und auf deutsch

It takes around 28 days of continuous work to implement a new habit into our system. I am here to help you to get done with that one thing and give you a precise outlook on how to continue your DIY.

What’s in the box

  • Detailed written and audio feedback on your first recording of your practice song (according to your wish what you want me to focus on)
  • 3 x 50min. solo lessons: one at day 1, one between day 10 and 15, one shortly after the 28 days.
  • 6 juicy seats: 6 x 20 min. solo lessons (this is a free gift!)
  • Vocal Coach To Go: daily tune in into your practice via video messenger App Marco Polo, to help you stay on track and to do the good stuff in the right way
  • Detailed written and audio feedback on the second recording of your practice song in the second half of the month.

So don’t waste time and money with a year of weekly singing lessons when there is actually only this one issue that needs to be fixed.

Pricing: 930,- Euro
Availability: 2 singers / month

Book a 20 minute free juicy seat before deciding for this option.