Available in English und auf deutsch

… is the 1:1 collaboration program of Tamara’s Enjoy your Voice for experienced and professional singers who wish to gain maximum and reliable results within a relatively short period of time.

This package requires a thorough knowledge of ones own voice. Ideally, you have already been doing voice work within contemporary music styles for a couple of years, or (!) you have both experience singing live and in the recording studio.

It takes around 28 days of continuous work (and around 9000 repetitions) to implement a new habit into our system. I am here to help you to get done with that one thing and give you a precise outlook on how to continue your DIY.

What’s in the box?

  • Detailed written and audio feedback on your first video recording of your practice song 
  • weekly 50 min. solo lesson
  • 6 emergency (video) calls: 6 x 20 min. solo lesson
  • Vocal Coach To Go: daily tune in into your practice via video messenger App Marco Polo, to help you stay on track and to do the good stuff in the right way (no video chats on Sundays)
  • Detailed written and audio feedback on the second recording of your practice song in the second half of the month.
  • Outlook on how to continue your own voice work after our collaboration

You’ll almost own my ears, my voice and my brain for 28 days.


„Tamara is a teacher that is well prepared, always having many tools (I truly mean it) to aboard from different angles every technique it seems like she is never out of tricks. Besides that, she is very easy to follow and knows how to take you from A to B fluently.“

Celeste Nova, Singer Songwriter from Guatemala, 1:1 collaboration in 2020